Mold Remediation

Advanced Dry ice Cleaning Solutions Mold Before After Mold RemediationThere has been an increasing awareness around the toxic effects of mold in
recent years. When mold embeds itself into structural surfaces, such as wood
and concrete, it needs to be removed. The choices are to remove the entire
structure and replace it (costly and time consuming), or sand and scrape it out.
This often involves the unpleasant and uncomfortable process of squeezing into
tight corners to sand the mold off of wood trusses and joists, only to have mold
spores remain.

Mold Remediation companies turn to  Advanced Dry Ice Cleaning Solutions in such situations.
Dry Ice Blasting is rapidly increasing the amount of mold remediation projects a
firm can perform, due to a 60-80% time and manpower reduction, as well as the
technology’s ability to thoroughly remove mold spores from wood. It also has the
ability to reach tight, confined areas; the significant lack of sanding and scraping –
with no secondary waste.